The Rules [Please Read]

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The Rules [Please Read]

Post by LonghornWhistler » Fri Sep 01, 2017 7:56 pm

- Use correct grammar and spelling.
- Post in the English language only.
- Keep off-topic posts to the off-topic forum.
- Keep your signatures short and sensible. They may include images. Signatures must adhere to all other rules.
- Upload all images used to our image uploader (coming soon) in order to preserve the image. Other image hosts go offline leaving a gap in our archive. This rule does not apply to animated GIF files.
- Respect the moderators and their decisions.
- Report any post or user that breaks the rules to a moderator.

You must NOT:
- Swear on the forum
- Spam the forum. This includes short posts such as “OK!”, “Thanks!”, “Great!”, etc.
- Bump topics over 90 days old unless you add significant value. Start a new topic otherwise.
- Bump topics unless your last post was over 3 days ago.
- Post or request illegal material on the site, this includes but is not limited to Warez, erotic content, shock material, illegal torrents, cracks, key generators, copy protection hacks, activation patches, and abandonware licenses. There are some exceptions, just ask an admin before posting.
- Discuss unleaked material that you possess unless you are willing to share it with the site.
- Share your login details with anyone.
- Use a proxy to access the site. This is strictly forbidden and will result in a ban without warning. Further access to the site will not be permitted.
- Have more than one account on the site. Multiple accounts will result in a ban and further access to the site will not be permitted.

The rules are not exhaustive! Please use your common sense when it comes to posting.

Warning and banning system:
- We operate a warning system to alert users to their rule-breaking before issuing bans.
- Generally, 3 warnings are given before a ban, though this depends on the rule and the severity of the rule breaking.
- The first ban is usually temporary, depending on the offense. Future bans may be permanent. This depends on the severity of the rule breaking.
- Permanently banned users will not be permitted further access to the site for the next thirty years.
- We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently ban users without warnings being issued.
- You may appeal warnings and bans, but they are usually given for a very good reason.


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